Financial Support for Rib Mountain State Park

The Friends of Rib Mountain State Park is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your donation is a charitable contribution and is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Be sure to consult your tax advisor. Donor recognition can be arranged for all donations in a variety of ways in consultation with donor, the Friends, and the DNR staff. Donations can be made in three ways:

Donations to The Friends of Rib Mountain for current projects and activities

Donations can assist the Friends with such projects as: concerts, trail building and development, interpretive signs, benches, and naturalist programs. Suggestion for other projects are welcome.Donation checks should be made out to the “Friends of Rib Mountain: and can be mailed to:

Friends of Rib Mountain
c/o Rib Mountain State Park
4200 Park Road
Wausau, WI 54401

Donations to The Friends of Rib Mountain endowment fund

In September of 2001, the Friends of Rib Mountain, working with the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, established the Friends of Rib Mountain State Park Fund.  This endowment fund was created for the purpose of helping to meet the long-term needs of the park and as a means for individuals to donate to the future of a very special place to many people in the Wausau area.Earnings from this endowment will help provide for future unmet needs of the park including such things as capital projects, activities, land acquisition, and a naturalist educator. The Friends of Rib Mountain Park Board of Directors, in cooperation with the park staff and volunteers, will determine appropriate use of the available funds that will be disbursed from endowment earnings.Individual contributions or memorials to honor special family or friends are always an excellent way to benefit the park.  Additionally, charitable bequests in wills or trusts that are payable upon death of the donor are another means of contributing to Rib Mountain’s unique place in the community for future generations.Service clubs, school groups, local organizations, and foundation contributions also will add to the vitality of the park through the Friend’s Fund.

How to give:

To make a donation to the Rib Mountain State Park Fund, please make your check payable to:

Friends of Rib Mountain State Park Fund
mail to:
The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin
500 Third Street, Suit 310
Wausau, WI  54403

For information on charitable giving to help support Rib Mountain State Park, contact the Community Foundation at 715-845-9555 or

Donations of material or labor for current or future projects

Donations of material and services can be a significant help to the park in making needed improvements to the park. To discuss ways to make such a donation, please contact the park property manager, Bill Bursaw, at 715-842-2522 or email william.bursaw@wisconsin.govFor more information on a donation to help protect and improve Rib Mountain, please contact the president of the Friends at